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Aura Labs team is comprised of highly motivated experienced professionals that adapt innovative engineering techniques to meet treir clients specific needs. Aura Labs' community members have earned several patents for video processing.


Aura Labs offers diverse consulting, engineering, regulatory compliance assistance, technology assistance, and project management services to various electronics engineering fields including:

  • image processing algorithms
  • real-time video processing
  • machine-vision
  • spectroscopy and imaging
  • security and surveillance video
  • NIR and thermal imaging
  • CCD and CMOS cameras design

Why Aura Labs is a good choice?

Because we offer:

  • Competitive price
  • Broad, in-depth solution - focused on your unique needs
  • Simplicity and consistency
  • Culture of collaboration

In addition Aura Labs community members have an extensive variety of capabilities and breadth of experience to offer our clients. Each team members alone have:

  • 18 years experience developing electronics hardware, firmware and software; 
  • 15 years experience developing image and video processing algorithms;  
  • 10 years experience in real-time video processing on FPGA/ASIC platforms. 
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